Peer Review Process

The research article submitted to this online journal will be double-blind peer-reviewed (Both reviewer and author remain anonymous to each other) at least 1 (one) reviewers. The accepted research articles will be available online following the journal peer-reviewing process.
Review Process:
1. Editor receiving manuscript from the author.
2. The editor evaluates the manuscript (journal focus and scope, style, scientific criteria, and supplementary data); (Rejected if not meet the criteria)
3. Editor screening for plagiarism on offline and online databases manually; (Rejected if found major plagiarism, contacted author if found redundancy or minor plagiarism for clarification)
4. Editor sends the manuscript to reviewer along with review form (double-blind review, reviewer, and author remain anonymous to each other);
5. Reviewer send back the review form to Editor (with revised manuscript if necessary);
6. Editor decision (rejected, require major revision, need minor revision, or accepted);
7. Confirmation to the Author.
8. If a revision, the author revised manuscripts and should be returned to the editor without delay.